Latest Insider Report : Poof 6/19

Greetings and Salutations; 

People have 'free will' to believe what they choose. That however, doesn't give entitlement to their own set of facts as truth. 'Far better to keep mouth shut, and let people think you dumb, than open mouth and remove all doubt'..wise chinese philosophy. Even people in high positions haven't an answer to the 'when' moment, tho they give 'educated' statements. It's been tough on them. It's difficult for them to say, 'I don't now'. So the tendency is to point fingers and blame. I took the time out and watched 'Capitalism...a Love story' and I found that Michael encapsulated the big picture in a very succinct way. Truth doesn't care if you are a conservative or a liberal, just as long as it's spoken out. 

This nation has become a plutocracy. Morphing from the democracy, the forefathers were aimed at. And we have had corporate welfare for how long now? Voters are well known to rarely vote in their own interests, mainly because they get beguiled by the loudest talking heads out, just like the trickle down economics that's back up for embracing, this election season. The concept got us to where we are now, so let's do it again and this time we'll stifle all these dissenting voices and do '1984', finally. We've created the problem, now we'll present the solution. No, that bridge was already taken out...there's no going back. On into the brave new world in which people will be free and politicians will be left to wonder what happened to their comfy worlds of 'no worries'. When you see both political parties in agreement, be very worried and watch them like is green, not red and blue. 

The words I would like to convey is 'Trust' and 'there's more with us than against us'. This has been war, plain and simple. Never did see these bad guys laying down their power in surrender, instead fighting until they were powered down. The oxygen had to be removed from the board rooms. After over 100 yrs of doing what they liked, no way were these guys just going to walk away. Back in 1786, the ching trust loaned George Washington, gold, to help get this fledgling new country going. More help arrived in late 1800,s again more gold from there during the 30's.....this has never been repaid. What's a trillion dollar compare to all of that combined with interest on that debt? If someone wasn't 'thinking' all along, you'd have a global depression, period. This is the time where you restructure out of a debt based society to asset based. The children are screaming about having their candy taken away. Think this would pass the smell test with the master who said, 'hold all things in common'? It will take human kind a moment to get used to freedom in its' true sense and limitless possibilities. That is the door that is about to open for the population right now and many powerful people are quaking in their boots at that prospect. Imagine a global revolution. 

All the Important stuff is done, now someone has to say 'do it'. Not even the bankers know anymore than they are told. That has proven itself across the planet...when, when, when. They aren't being told, when it's the dinar....everybody can see the lead up...but every time they try and call the moment somehow it just doesn't happen, I know..Obama blocked it. From what I read out here Obama's must be the most powerful man in history. A black man riding herd across every nation on the planet and he doesn't even have a red S on his chest. Look, I stick to the facts on anybody that's been in that wh, If I heard otherwise, I'd use measured speech and let you know to watch yourself. Just like I know old man bush is still crawling around in the back yard and cheney hasn't 'retired' yet, playing with his army men in the basement, doing his version of Risk. You'll still lose the middle east, going for world domination. 

I don't know the moment when they flip this planet on it's head, I just know all is ready for it, despite butts puckering. This is the spot, I was warned about sooo many years ago, now the nations can bear me out. Screens are green out here, so all is in place. Some folks have asked if I still do consultations the answer is yes, just ask and we'll set it up. I'm going to say this one more time, this is a happening thing, it will come on all of us like a lightning bolt on a clear day, no real signals, no plant whistles, sudden and shocking. How ya gonna act? What fingers will you be pointing on that day? 

Love and Kisses,