Illuminati Control Fades, New World Is Close

Long overdue collapse of Western fiat paper capitalism becomes visible in Greece. Greek sovereign default now politically desirable and inevitable. Euro currency faces oblivion. Rothschild European project in tatters.
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But there is a crumb of comfort for Athens. Their financial mess is not as bad as Washington's. The Greek riots may seem exotic down home in the USA, but this revolution is destined to end in the White House rose garden, in London and in Rome. Financial chaos is morphing into social chaos. Austerity fatigue has run its course. The end-time fires of civilisation change are spreading and cannot now be quenched.

The Pentagon and the US intelligence establishment are reported to want a debt jubilee and a new, gold-backed dollar. They are threatening to open their black screens and reveal information which will lead to thousands of élite US and international arrests. If they don't do this soon, LulzSecurity is likely to do it for them. Either way, a lot of Wall Street banksters will be taking a haircut down to their pubes.

The BBC in London has seen privileged documents which indicate that the European Union commissioners have a "profound sense of foreboding" about Greece and the future of the EuroZone. Because of the fissiparous mess in Europe, China is now said to be backing Agustin Carstens (Mexico) for the top job at the IMF.

The attempt by the mainstream media in the US and the UK to bury the Greek news in the business pages will not work. The runes have been cast. Everyone knows that Western fiat paper capitalism is being taken down.

Universal debt forgiveness (a global debt jubilee) and the disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds have become unavoidable. In the background, the new global, gold-backed financial system is poised to trigger. The vaults are stocked. The precious metals are audited. The new currencies are printed, minted and ready. Even the Zionists cannot delay the international financial reliefs about to break surface.

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June 15, 2011