Archangel Uriel Message 6/13/11

This message has a lot of good points in it.

Uriel's Message -- Choose Your Awareness

Everything on earth has an energetic frequency that connects to what matches it. Energy flows in the direction of greatest acceptance and least resistance but it is not able to choose what it matches, it goes in the direction of what is attracting it. Your awareness creates a field of attraction that magnetizes energy to you, allowing corresponding energetic frequencies to attach themselves to you. A connection cannot be created with an opposite energetic frequency.
The energy of fear attracts fear; the energy of love attracts love and all energies contained within these two polarities attract similar frequencies. The energies with the lowest frequencies appear to be the most powerful because fear is a natural human state and an overriding energy of the third dimension. They correspond to your awareness of your imperfection, unworthiness and fear of rejection which you unconsciously project into the world and attract these frequencies to you.
The awareness of yourself as an aspect of the divine, of your power and worthiness attracts higher frequencies that manifest into form in your reality. Although you may wish to have the joy, peace and abundance that your heart knows is possible for you, unless you have a conscious awareness of these energies and an intention to create these connections, you will attract energies that correspond to the lowest energetic frequencies you allow to be part of your consciousness.

Choosing your awareness sets an intention for your energetic frequency. There are many energies to choose from and all are possible connections and expressions for you. The earth is a banquet of energies and all can be chosen and expressed which is why you should pay attention to the awareness you choose for yourself. Energy has no judgment or opinion, it is presented as an option for connection and waits for you to choose. Be aware of yourself as divine and you will connect with the highest energetic frequencies that allow your divinity to manifest. Consciously reject fear and it will not exist as an option for you. Let your awareness choose joy, peace and abundance in all that your heart desires and that is the reality you will create for yourself.

Channeler-Jennifer Hoffman