Evidence of Nuclear 9/11 Theory in Media?

This news article just appeared on today and it is pretty blatant evidence of the theory that nuclear weapons were used to demolish the World Trade Centers. Gordon Duff and the rest of the crew at Veterans Today have been releasing a lot of intelligence, allegedly straight from Russian Intelligence, outlining the details about how mini-nukes were used on 9/11. I am not a scientist but when I see that thousands of first responders are dying of cancer over a decade after the attacks on 9/11, it raises alarms in my head that something is not right. While this RT article does not ask the question as to why the air was contaminated in the general area of the WTC buildings that day, it is a start. If it causes just one person to ask that question that normally wouldn't have, then the article has done its job.

Three 9/11 first responders died of 9/11 on the same day

The Chimera Group and Montauk

One of the hardest revelations that people are going to have a tough time believing is the fact that at the very top of the cabal lies groups that do not originate from this planet. Without the aid of these groups, there is no way that the cabal would be able to survive and manipulate the masses. One group in particular is known as the Chimera group and it consists of extraterrestrials from Orion. This group mostly lives and operates in various underground military bases throughout the world. The documentary below describes one of the operations that this group conducted in their underground base located in Montauk, New York. Preston Nichols, one of the men being interviewed, begins to talk about the extraterrestrials that he encountered at about the 1:25:00 mark.

Preston Nichols and Cameron Duncan are men that worked at Montauk up until the late 1980's. In this interview, they describe many of the projects that the secret shadow government, along with the help of the Orion group, were working on. One of the most bizarre projects that these people describe that occurred at Montauk was basically a time machine. By back engineering technology that they were able to recover from a downed UFO, the SSG (secret shadow government) was able to go back into time and into the future.

Bob Corker Slams White House Plan to Attack ISIS

Watching United States Congressman Bob Corker ask John Kerry difficult questions about the Obama administration's proposed plan to wage war against ISIL gives me a glimmer of hope that not every member of Congress is bribed or threatened into submission.

ISIL is the last chance that the Illuminati/Zionists/Neoconservatives have to create the global conflict that they desperately need to bail them out of the situation that they are currently in. The fact of the matter is the Illuminati are broke, the two countries that they control are isolated from the rest of the world and countless people around the world are beginning to recognize the methods the Illuminati uses to advance their agenda.