Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister, Soros hunting children

I think it is going to be revelations like the ones presented in this video that people are going to have the most trouble accepting. The truth is the monarchies of Europe and the Vatican are complacent in the ritualistic murder and torture of children. My advice is do not make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a European problem. The U.S. cabal are complacent in their own versions of these acts.

ISIS Militants Have US Passports? Why This Illuminati False Flag Won't Happen

I was pretty hesitant to post this video because honestly, its mostly fear porn and I disagree with a lot of the points that the author of the video is making. That being said, I think there are a few points that are insightful as to where the Illuminati plan to go with this ISIS situation in the immediate future. Of course this will not come into fruition.

Here is a link to the original BBC article.
Now this article can be viewed in a number of ways. You could view this article as just a piece of western propaganda that is trying to muster support for another war in Iraq or it can be seen as the BBC exposing Western involvement in the creation of ISIS. Personally I believe its the latter.

The situation in Iraq right now is a plan that was hastily put together and for that reason it will fail. Wars such as World War I and World War II took years to plan and create. 9/11 and the decimation of Middle East in the aftermath was planned years in advance. All of these plans have been completely thwarted by this point. What the Illuminati are doing now is trying to buy time so they mustered all of the CIA trained jihadists that were fighting in Syria with American made weapons and sent them into Northern Iraq in an attempt to bait the U.S. into intervening. An intervention in Iraq by the United States would help the Illuminati in two ways. It would make them lots of money because of all the weapons that would be needed which is a practice that the Illuminati have been involved in literally since their creation. And it would  allow the petrodollar to survive a few more months because it is quickly on its way out due to the fact that BRICS is about to open up their own financial system in July thus moving away from the dollar.

That being said, if as this video suggests ISIS militants began causing havoc in the U.S., I do not doubt for a second it would only hasten the fall of the Illuminati because it would force the good guys in the Pentagon to act.

 Keep in mind that while I am sure the politicians who have been in Washington for awhile have  a good idea that the Illuminati exists, I seriously doubt that any of them are "in the know" enough to have any idea where this ISIS situation is going. The ones that are under Illuminati control just know that they need to be spewing rhetoric in favor of U.S. intervention in Iraq. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems to be against it.

ISIS? (Cobra Update 6-18-14)

Here is the latest update by Cobra. He felt that it was necessary to address the current jihadist threat in Iraq. I felt that the situation in Iraq was connected to the new financial system that BRICS is creating. It seems like a 'band-aid' fix for the Illuminati in the sense that it has been hastily put together. Just like Syria this attempt will fail and the jihadists will fall.

Keep in mind, that the Illuminati want a the U.S. to intervene in Iraq because of the amount of money that they will make off of it. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems unwilling to even commit to airstrikes. To me this encapsulates the enigma that is Obama. Sometimes it seems like he is actively promoting the Illuminati agenda and then other times he blatantly stands against it.

On a side note, I didn't know that Lucifer was originally a positive concept. It's amazing how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. 


Recently, a jihadist group entered Iraq from Syria and conquered a significant part of its territory:

Their purpose is to create a totalitarian Islamic state in that territory and they call it Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

That group is a joint creation of the Saudis and the US Cabal (with Jesuits and their Blackwater/Academi friends behind the scenes):

The agenda of the US Cabal is to create a pretext for military invasion and thus prolong the life of the petrodollar:

And for the military-industrial complex to pocket some nice profits:

On a deeper level, there is an occult war going on. 4300 years ago, the Annunaki Archon overlords of the Cabal created what is called the Akkadian empire:

The Akkadian empire was an extremely violent and patriarchal society which was created to suppress a very important Goddess energy vortex, created in the same region over 7000 years ago by the Halaf and Hassuna-Samarra cultures:

Now the same Archons, incarnated into Black Nobility families, want to create a dark empire of horror in the exactly same region to suppress that Goddess energy vortex even further.

Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain

This has been circulating on for a few days now. I cannot speak on the validity of the picture because I do not know. I do know that there are pictures of El Morya circulating on the internet and his appearance in this picture is very similar to those pictures. Does that mean anything? That's up to you...

As far as St. Germain goes, it took me a long time to come to terms with his existence but I am positive that he does exist. Apparently he is deeply involved with the operations that are going on to free this planet. Also keep in mind that Ben Fulford and Poof have both mentioned him in their updates in the past



Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain  ​ 

1.  Brief background on St. Germain

Via Valerie Donner:

I channel Mother Mary once a month. She and St Germain are close. (She was Mary, Jesus’s mother, and St. Germain was Joseph, her husband.) He had an incarnation as Merlin, William Shakespeare, Sir Frances Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
He precipitated, actually appeared, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He represents freedom and the I Am Presence. He also brought forth the Violet Flame for transmutation. He named this country Iamerica but the “ I” was dropped to America. St. Germain speaks after Mother Mary in these classes. He loves the United States and continues to be involved with the governance of America.
From the book,  ”He was reported to be 300 years old, and to have prolonged his life by the use of a famous elixir.”

2. Brief background on the lady in the middle, Madame Blavatsky, who wrote about the inner earth in 1880′s.

Helena Petrovna Hahn was born on August 12, 1831 and died May 8, 1891 London, England. She was better known as Helena Blavatsky or Madame Blavatsky was the founder of Theosophy.

Helena Blavatsky was a great authority on theosophy, the doctrines of which she professed she derived from the fountainhead in Tibet.

She was born of Russian nobility and later became the secretary of the Theosophical Society. Also, she was referred to as HPB. She did much to spread Eastern religious, philosophical and occult concepts throughout the Western world.”

3.  Check out this photo! El Morya in the middle… St. Germain on the right!