Ben Fulford 4-24-17

Here is another post from Ben Fulford. May 1st marks the time that most corporations release data for their first quarter to the public. Government shutdowns are usually associated with the September 30 date when the corporate year officially resets.
The Knights of Malta is a term that is very rarely talked about in conspiracy circles. By the way its described perhaps it's an allusion to the Illuminati.
I've personally stood by the stance that Fukushima was one of the biggest psy-ops campaigns ever carried out. 
We must all push to make sure the criminal US corporate government is shut down on May 1st
Although hard experience has taught me not to fixate on particular dates, multiple independent sources are all saying something huge might happen on May 1st. In the corporate propaganda media this is the day when a US government shut down will happen unless the debt ceiling is raised.
It is also the day when Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US corporate government, is expected to go bankrupt.
Sources in the CIA, the gnostic Illuminati, Japanese military intelligence and the Pentagon say this is the day when the world has a fighting chance to permanently shut down the US corporate government and re-establish the Republic of the United States of America known popularly as “the gold ole USA.”

Situation Update

Scalar energy weapons have been one of the many ways that the Cabal have been ale to attack mind control victims. Some of these weapons can stimulate old traumas that can lead to the body excreting endorphins as if tortured. Scalar weapons can activate a person out of dreamtime which can lead to them having no control over their body. The scalar weapon situation seems to have always been an integral part of living on Earth. 

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly:

they have turned to electronic warfare.

Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal's plans to create global war.

Global Currency Reset Q and A

This is a very interesting piece discussing the physical manifestation of a global currency reset. In my opinion a global currency reset would never happen in one moment. A global currency reset would just be experienced by prices gradually becoming lower as well as more money accumulating in people's bank accounts. A federal government wouldn't want it to become blatant for the sake of the general population. Also in my opinion a global currency reset would never happen during a period of heightened volatility either domestically, internationally or both due to the fact that it has never been done before and no one can really predict what it would look like. The original video is at the bottom. 
There are many rumors about an impending Global Currency Reset (GCR). I’ve found Lynette Austin from ITN Trading to be very plain-spoken and straightforward in the past. Here, she answers questions from YouTube followers about the GCR on April 6th:
1) “What does a Global Currency Reset look like? What are the indications and warnings that it’s about to happen and what happens when it comes? Are there any historical references for this?”
Lynette responds on the fly, “This will be the first time in history that we will actually have had a complete global system reset.” She then goes on to explain how the financial upheavals of the 20th century were more of a gradual shift away from the Gold Standard to debt-based currencies, a process which started during the Great Depression of the 1930s and which culminated the late 1970s.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18 April 2017

The energy of this message resonates with the general atmosphere of the collective consciousness. The planet is going through a very volatile period and it is hard to say where she will end up. In my opinion, The Event and everything that comes with it cannot manifest without some type of conflict. 
Aa idea that I've always held about the planetary situation is that the Cabal is made up of many factions with different outcomes in mind. 

This is an important message for you, my friends. The tables have turned and the Cabal now finds itself in difficulties. Two sets of ETs prevented the recent missile attack. This operation will be repeated over and over, no matter who fires the missile. Control has been taken out of the hands of the Cabal. They are quickly coming to realize that their game is over. They find themselves exposed for all to see. It has taken some time to achieve this, but their claws were everywhere, so we had to be thorough.

Sheldan Nidle 4-19-17

Whether NESARA is real or not is yet to be seen. What is clear is that the world seems to be moving towards something for the first time in awhile. The idea of NESARA reached tehe public's consciousness in the 90's and has always been a continual theory as to how the world would transfer out of Orion Debt slave consciousness. 

Selamat Jalwa! The final few tasks are nearly complete. As delivery moves forward, each level performs a check, and with great satisfaction raises its moves to the next security point. This careful operation is to continue until all those deserving are paid. As you look at these events, you quickly realize how they are bringing us ever closer to new government, new freedoms and an overwhelming prosperity. It is also allowing for the dark to cast its last days as the major arbiter of this fear-filled reality.

   The Light joyfully welcomes the coming death of the dark’s minions. Long ago, when the Anunnaki first took control, the dark changes were seemingly far away. In the midst of this dark interregnum, Heaven was slowly beginning to plant the seeds for a new realm. Despite this, the remaining 13 millennia were able to severely affect you. It left you with a stinging feeling that all was not right and that something wonderful was required to re-balance it. Such a thing is now in the process of transpiring.

Henry Kissinger spotted at Florida military base trying to start World War 3

This is very interesting intel from Ben Fulford. Perhaps this could be some type of clone operating inside of the military base. Kissinger has been a regular part of international relations for the Republican party since the Nixon Administration. 
Henry Kissinger spotted at Florida military base trying to start World War 3
Henry Kissinger was spotted in early April at a US military base in Florida, Pentagon sources say. It was Kissinger who wrote the plot for the April summit meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Corporate President Donald Trump, the sources say.

The illegal Tomahawk missile attack against Russian and Syrian air-force personnel inside Syria that took place during the summit was also ordered by Kissinger, the sources add. US top General Joseph Dunford did not learn of the attack until 15 minutes after it took place, the Pentagon sources continue.
Kissinger is also orchestrating the attempts to provoke a war with North Korea, they say. For this reason US military and naval personnel need to be on high alert for bribed officers going rogue and attacking North Korea, they say. No attack on North Korea will be authorized by the regular chain of command.
Kissinger is fighting for the survival of the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia and their financial control grid. He needs to be apprehended ASAP.

NASA Photo of Mars Surface

There appears to be pictures surfacing of what is claiming to be a crater on Mars. In my opinion the picture shows what appears to be some type of settlement due to the lighting and colors. Imagine a settlement that is multiple high stories that is open physically to space. 

NASA Photo of Mars Surface

Ben Fulford 4-17-17

The world has definitely become very volatile and it has begun to manifest in the media over the last few weeks. I personally wonder how many shapeshifted reptoids walk the planet as key actors in this ongoing drama. 
Now that Donald Trump showed his true colours as a Zionist (Khazarian mafia) sleeper agent, he is becoming increasingly isolated and is guilty of provable war crimes, Pentagon, CIA and other sources agree. “Trump is toast,” was how a CIA source described the situation.
Trump has been pushed by his Zionist handlers into trying to start World War 3 because these religious fanatics still think they are somehow going to start a war between “Gog” and “Magog,” kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. To this end Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase where Russian personnel were stationed. That is also why Trump tried to start a war with nuclear armed North Korea last week.
The situation with North Korea was designed by the Zionists to provoke to ultra-macho antagonists, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, into a situation where neither man could back down without losing face. The North Koreans said they had a right to test missiles etc. any time they want, especially on the 105th anniversary of the birth of their country’s founding father Kim Il Sung. Trump said, “if you do that we will attack.”

UFO Sightings The Most Incredible UFOs Ever Caught

The first UFO shown in the video stands out the most. Perhaps it is utilizing a technology that is phasing it in and out of the DAL universe. The DAL universe was mentioned by Semjase.

Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017

Below is the latest message from Matthew. As the world is finding out Donald Trump is one of the more wiser people out there. I think one of the main points that isn't being blatantly said by Matthew is that Obama has a bigger role in world politics than what initially meets the eye. 

April 2, 2017
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank everyone who expressed appreciation for our explanation of ascension from this vantage point, and we want to share one reader’s delightful perspective:

Where on Earth is Hilary Clinton?

Below are two videos of Hilary Clinton. One is from her appearance on Mainstream Media during June 2016 while the other is from 2012.  Clearly these are not the same person. This brings up the next question, where on Earth is Hilary Clinton? 

Evidence of Nuclear 9/11 Theory in Media?

This news article just appeared on today and it is pretty blatant evidence of the theory that nuclear weapons were used to demolish the World Trade Centers. Gordon Duff and the rest of the crew at Veterans Today have been releasing a lot of intelligence, allegedly straight from Russian Intelligence, outlining the details about how mini-nukes were used on 9/11. I am not a scientist but when I see that thousands of first responders are dying of cancer over a decade after the attacks on 9/11, it raises alarms in my head that something is not right. While this RT article does not ask the question as to why the air was contaminated in the general area of the WTC buildings that day, it is a start. If it causes just one person to ask that question that normally wouldn't have, then the article has done its job.

Three 9/11 first responders died of 9/11 on the same day

The Chimera Group and Montauk

One of the hardest revelations that people are going to have a tough time believing is the fact that at the very top of the cabal lies groups that do not originate from this planet. Without the aid of these groups, there is no way that the cabal would be able to survive and manipulate the masses. One group in particular is known as the Chimera group and it consists of extraterrestrials from Orion. This group mostly lives and operates in various underground military bases throughout the world. The documentary below describes one of the operations that this group conducted in their underground base located in Montauk, New York. Preston Nichols, one of the men being interviewed, begins to talk about the extraterrestrials that he encountered at about the 1:25:00 mark.

Preston Nichols and Cameron Duncan are men that worked at Montauk up until the late 1980's. In this interview, they describe many of the projects that the secret shadow government, along with the help of the Orion group, were working on. One of the most bizarre projects that these people describe that occurred at Montauk was basically a time machine. By back engineering technology that they were able to recover from a downed UFO, the SSG (secret shadow government) was able to go back into time and into the future.

Bob Corker Slams White House Plan to Attack ISIS

Watching United States Congressman Bob Corker ask John Kerry difficult questions about the Obama administration's proposed plan to wage war against ISIL gives me a glimmer of hope that not every member of Congress is bribed or threatened into submission.

ISIL is the last chance that the Illuminati/Zionists/Neoconservatives have to create the global conflict that they desperately need to bail them out of the situation that they are currently in. The fact of the matter is the Illuminati are broke, the two countries that they control are isolated from the rest of the world and countless people around the world are beginning to recognize the methods the Illuminati uses to advance their agenda. 

Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister, Soros hunting children

I think it is going to be revelations like the ones presented in this video that people are going to have the most trouble accepting. The truth is the monarchies of Europe and the Vatican are complacent in the ritualistic murder and torture of children. My advice is do not make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a European problem. The U.S. cabal are complacent in their own versions of these acts. 

ISIS Militants Have US Passports? Why This Illuminati False Flag Won't Happen

I was pretty hesitant to post this video because honestly, its mostly fear porn and I disagree with a lot of the points that the author of the video is making. That being said, I think there are a few points that are insightful as to where the Illuminati plan to go with this ISIS situation in the immediate future. Of course this will not come into fruition.

Here is a link to the original BBC article.
Now this article can be viewed in a number of ways. You could view this article as just a piece of western propaganda that is trying to muster support for another war in Iraq or it can be seen as the BBC exposing Western involvement in the creation of ISIS. Personally I believe its the latter.

The situation in Iraq right now is a plan that was hastily put together and for that reason it will fail. Wars such as World War I and World War II took years to plan and create. 9/11 and the decimation of Middle East in the aftermath was planned years in advance. All of these plans have been completely thwarted by this point. What the Illuminati are doing now is trying to buy time so they mustered all of the CIA trained jihadists that were fighting in Syria with American made weapons and sent them into Northern Iraq in an attempt to bait the U.S. into intervening. An intervention in Iraq by the United States would help the Illuminati in two ways. It would make them lots of money because of all the weapons that would be needed which is a practice that the Illuminati have been involved in literally since their creation. And it would  allow the petrodollar to survive a few more months because it is quickly on its way out due to the fact that BRICS is about to open up their own financial system in July thus moving away from the dollar.

That being said, if as this video suggests ISIS militants began causing havoc in the U.S., I do not doubt for a second it would only hasten the fall of the Illuminati because it would force the good guys in the Pentagon to act.

 Keep in mind that while I am sure the politicians who have been in Washington for awhile have  a good idea that the Illuminati exists, I seriously doubt that any of them are "in the know" enough to have any idea where this ISIS situation is going. The ones that are under Illuminati control just know that they need to be spewing rhetoric in favor of U.S. intervention in Iraq. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems to be against it.

ISIS? (Cobra Update 6-18-14)

Here is the latest update by Cobra. He felt that it was necessary to address the current jihadist threat in Iraq. I felt that the situation in Iraq was connected to the new financial system that BRICS is creating. It seems like a 'band-aid' fix for the Illuminati in the sense that it has been hastily put together. Just like Syria this attempt will fail and the jihadists will fall.

Keep in mind, that the Illuminati want a the U.S. to intervene in Iraq because of the amount of money that they will make off of it. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems unwilling to even commit to airstrikes. To me this encapsulates the enigma that is Obama. Sometimes it seems like he is actively promoting the Illuminati agenda and then other times he blatantly stands against it.

On a side note, I didn't know that Lucifer was originally a positive concept. It's amazing how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. 


Recently, a jihadist group entered Iraq from Syria and conquered a significant part of its territory:

Their purpose is to create a totalitarian Islamic state in that territory and they call it Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

That group is a joint creation of the Saudis and the US Cabal (with Jesuits and their Blackwater/Academi friends behind the scenes):

The agenda of the US Cabal is to create a pretext for military invasion and thus prolong the life of the petrodollar:

And for the military-industrial complex to pocket some nice profits:

On a deeper level, there is an occult war going on. 4300 years ago, the Annunaki Archon overlords of the Cabal created what is called the Akkadian empire:

The Akkadian empire was an extremely violent and patriarchal society which was created to suppress a very important Goddess energy vortex, created in the same region over 7000 years ago by the Halaf and Hassuna-Samarra cultures:

Now the same Archons, incarnated into Black Nobility families, want to create a dark empire of horror in the exactly same region to suppress that Goddess energy vortex even further.

Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain

This has been circulating on for a few days now. I cannot speak on the validity of the picture because I do not know. I do know that there are pictures of El Morya circulating on the internet and his appearance in this picture is very similar to those pictures. Does that mean anything? That's up to you...

As far as St. Germain goes, it took me a long time to come to terms with his existence but I am positive that he does exist. Apparently he is deeply involved with the operations that are going on to free this planet. Also keep in mind that Ben Fulford and Poof have both mentioned him in their updates in the past